I am responsbile for various outreach activities organised by the School of Mathematics and Statistics at Newcastle, these include the University Survival Guide and Bitesize Uni. I also organise the School's sixth form and year 11 conferences.

I have also given presentations in a number of schools in the North-East of England. If you are interested in me giving a presentation about my research to school children please contact me.

To get a flavour of previous talks please see the following slides:

Fluid Dynamics: From Plankton to Pulsars - Used for a session with visiting students from The Grammar School, Nicosia.

Complexity, birds & brains? - A public lecture from the Pint of Science series.

Game of Sprouts - Used for sessions with A-level students.

Mathematical knots - Used for sessions with both A-level and GCSE students.

Introduction to fluid dynamics - Used for sessions with GCSE students.

Taylor-Proudman theorem - Presented to the fluids group at Newcastle and postgraduate students.

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