25/09/2013 - A good read 
Really interesting paper - here - and synopsis - here - The global effect of Rossby waves in redistributing energy

21/09/2013 - Teaching begins! 
I look forward to meeting all the 3rd year mathematics students at Glasgow for the first lecture of mathematical methods tomorrow morning.

15/08/2013 - A gem from the past 
I always loved the National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films (NCFMF) as a student (all still available here), but its even more fun to read scans of the original film notes, again still available, see here for the turbulence notes, enjoy!

3/06/2013 - Conference on Synthetic Turbulence Models 
One week to go until I travel to Wroclaw for the ERCOFTAC/SIG42 workshop on synthetic turbulence and vortex dynamics.

16/05/2013 - JQC launch event 
I will be attending the Durham-Newcastle JQC launch event on the 25-26 of June.

16/05/2013 - Scottish PDE Colloquium 
Tomorrow I will be giving a talk at the Scottish Partial Differential Equation Colloquium at the ICMS in Edinburgh.

7/05/2013 - Weizmann Visit 
I am currently visiting the Weizmann institute working on the Kelvin wave cascade with Jason Laurie

22/03/2013 - Seminar at Imperial 
Yesterday I gave a seminar on quantum turbulence at Imperial College London. A copy of the slides can be found on here.

16/01/2013 - Anvar Shukurov's Birthday 
Newcastle University is hosting a conference between the 18th and 19th March 2013 to celebrate the 60th birthday of Prof. Anvar Shukurov. The theme of the conference will reflect Anvar's major research interest, discussing the latest theoretical and observational results on astrophysical magnetic fields

19/11/2012 - Upcoming conference in Cambridge 
I will be attending a workshop at the Newton institute, Quantized Flux in Tightly Knotted and Linked Systems, at the beginning of December.

17/11/2012 - Paper accepted in PoF
In collaboration with Simone Zuccher and Marco Caliari (University of Verona) and Carlo Barneghi (Newcastle University) I have had a paper accepted for publication in Physics of Fluids. Please see the publications page for more information.

14/11/2012 - Paper published in PRL
In collaboration with Jason Laurie (Weizmann Institute) and Carlo Barneghi (Newcastle University) I have had a paper published in Physical Review Letters. Please see the publications page for more information.

10/11/2012 - Upcoming conference in Lyon
I will be attending a European workshop on quantum turbulence at the end of November, see the conferences page for more details.

01/09/2012 - Poster prize at QFS 2012
Myself, Lucy Sherwin, Carlo Barenghi and Yuri Sergeev were awarded a poster prize for our poster 'Energy spectrum of counterflow turbulence' at the Quantum Fluids and Solids (QFS) conference 2012.

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