ESF Exploratory Workshop - GLASGOW 16th-18th June

Thanks to the kind support of the European Science Foundation the University of Glasgow will be hosting a workshop in June focused on reconnection events in classical, quantum and classical fluids. Reconnections are dramatic events, leading to irreversible changes in the topology of a system. In particular they are crucial in understanding magnetic fields in rarefied plasmas, such as the solar corona, and the dynamics of quantised vortices in
superfluid helium. Yet these two research communities remain distinct, with little opportunity to discuss recent breakthroughs and common problems. The goal of this workshop is to bring together leading researchers in these fields to discuss open and important problems. The hope is this workshop will pave the way for future progress in both fields, as well as establishing communication and collaboration between scientists from different areas.


The conference will open with two introductory talks concerning quantised vortex reconnection and magnetic reconnection will be given by Risto Hänninen and Clare Parnell respectively. The remainder of the workshop will be made up of 30 (25+5) minute research talks given by the workshop participants and discussion sessions. A more detailed programme will follow shortly.



Room 225 A&B, St Andrews Building, University of Glasgow.

Please note free wireless internet at the venue is available via eduroam ( You are strongly recommended to obtain an eduroam access from your own institution if you haven't already done so. If for any reasons you can't have an eduroam account, please contact our IT support to set up a temporary guest account for you (||troppusti-stats-shtam).


Accommodation will be pre-booked for workshop participants at hotels in the west end of Glasgow (5-10 minutes walk from the maths building where the workshop will be held)


The conference will be held in the West End of Glasgow. There are excellent transport links between the City Centre and the West End via the underground and bus services. While there is no direct train link from Glasgow International Airport to the City, it is a short 10 minute taxi ride and buses are very frequent.

Travel Instructions

An overview of travel to the west end campus can be found here. More detailed travel instructions are available at the following link

Useful Maps

Glasgow City Maps
Campus Map - Note St Andrews Building is building E14.


For further information, please contact:

Dr. A. W. Baggaley
School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Glasgow, charity No. SC004401
Glasgow G12 8QW

tel: +44 (0)141 330 5154

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