I am currently a lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Glasgow. In January 2015 I shall be moving to Newcastle University to take up a lectureship in applied mathematics and theoretical physics.

My main research interest is on turbulence in quantum fluids such as superfluid helium, and how this form of turbulence compares to the classical form we are more familiar with. I also have interests in mathematical biology, if you are interested please see the links at the top of the page.

To get in touch:

email: a (dot) w (dot) baggaley (at) gmail (dot) com


School of Mathematics & Statistics
University of Glasgow,
15 University Gardens,
Glasgow G12 8QW,


(0141) 330 5154 (UK) or +44 141 330 5154 (outside UK)

Finally, a copy of my CV can be found here.


Generalized leapfrogging; three quantised vortex rings moving together as one coherent object, see the following paper for more information.

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